ERP # 965947
Red Snap'r Solar Low Impedance Fencer
  • Powers up to 10-miles of weed-free fence
  • Used to contain all types of livestock, horses and pets
  • 6-volt, lead-acid battery included (HH# 209585)
  • 3-watt solar panel uses the sun's energy to power the unit and recharge the battery
  • Once fully charged, the battery will operate the unit for 14 days without sunlight
  • Lamp flashes when unit is operating
  • Molded-in T-Post mounting bracket for secure and easy mounting
  • Molded-in carry handle for easy portability
  • On-Off switch
  • Large plastic, non-conductive, fence and ground terminals
  • 6 Volt

TYPE: 10 mile
Country of Origin:
Unit Net Weight (lbs): 12
Pack Dimensions (inches): 12 x 9.25 x 12.88
State Restrictions:
Dept: 7
Commodity Code: 71200

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