Featured is our New Pli-Stix asphalt and concrete crack fillers now in the United Hardware warehouse. Great NEW product for permanent repair of cracks on driveways and sidewalks. This easy to use product does require the use of a propane torch to apply the product. When selling this product make sure the customer is aware of the heating up process (shown on video) and sell them a torch  (Part # 705053 or similar) You may also want to consider keeping this torch on hand and renting it to your customer at a nominal fee and a modest refundable deposit.

Be careful, typical propane torches are made to operate upright and may flare up when tilted to over 60°. Please remind your customers to follow all safety instructions found on the packages and consider handing them a copy for their reference.

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 BLACK 30 FT        > GRAY 30 FT