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Proper Timing For Best Results 
Our 4 Phase Program is meant to be applied every 6-8 weeks. Some consumers buy our bags individually based on need or other factors.

Crabgrass Preventer – Phase 1 - 142852 (60412 - 5m), 124205 (60415 - 15m)
Prevents crabgrass and other listed grassy and broadleaf weeds
20% Premium slow-release (WIN) fertilizer with non staining iron
Provides up to 5 months of control
Water in after application
24-0-8 Formula plus Prodiamine .28%

Weed and Feed – Phase 2 - 116655 (60422 - 5m), 142853 (60425 - 15m)
Kills dandelions and other broadleaf weeds in lawns
Works on contact/systemic action
20% Premium slow release fertilizer with non-staining iron
16-0-8 plus advanced broadleaf weed control
Apply to moist lawn. Wait 48 hours before watering

Insect and Feed – Phase 3 - 128049 (60432 - 5m), 146786 (60435 - 15m)
Kills a broad range of lawn insects
Up to 4 weeks of residual control
20% Premium slow release fertilizer with non-staining iron
12-0-10 Formula plus Bifenthrin
Low nitrogen/high potassium formula reduces plant stress in summer 

Winterizer – Phase 4 - 128050 (60442 5m), 146788 (60445 - 15m)
20% Premium slow release fertilizer with non-staining iron
Apply in fall for a greener, healthier lawn in spring
12-0-15 Formula
Non-staining iron plus sulfur for protection and strength

Please note: follow the link below to the PDF file for a consumer rebate form for the Bonide 4-phase program items.
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 5m 4-Phase Program: Phase 1

 5m 4-Phase Program: Phase 2

 5m 4-Phase Program: Phase 3

 5m 4-Phase Program: Phase 4

 15m 4-Phase Program: Phase 1

15m 4-Phase Program: Phase 2

15m 4-Phase Program: Phase 3

15m 4-Phase Program: Phase 4