DeWalt Carbon Fiber Tools

Quality Tools that are Guaranteed Tough.®

DWHT43134  The DEWALT DWHT43134 48 in. carbon fiber level features box beam construction for added strength and durability. Slim end cap design permits end users to scribe lines close into the corners while still providing protection to the level. Durable acrylic vials provide accuracy of 0.0005 per in. This level features Carbon Fiber Pultruded that results in extra lightweight structure while providing maximum strength. 

•Extremely durable
•Very high strength-to-weight ratio
•Withstands extreme weather
•High chemical resistance
•High tensile strength
•Measures 48 in.

DWHT80276  The DEWALT(R) Carbon Fiber Composite Squeeze Tacker won't slow you down with unnecessary weight or strain. Carbon fiber composite makes it half the weight of a traditional tacker without sacrificing strength. The trigger has been optimized to reduce fatigue by 25% compared to traditional trigger mechanisms. Gain efficiency on the jobsite with a quick and easy bottom load design and a low fastener indicator.

•50% less weight
•25% easier squeeze for reduced muscle fatigue
•2-in-1 manual tacker accepts heavy-duty staples and 18-Gauge brads
•Carbon fiber composite housing
•Low fastener indicator for convenience
•Bottom load design for quick and easy loading
•Reversible belt hook for left or right-handed access
•Resists damage from weather and chemicals
•Slim, lightweight design with exceptional strength                                       

DWHT75900   The DEWALT DWHT75900 is part of the Guaranteed Tough Line of fastening tool. The Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker features a lightweight and durable carbon fiber composite handle structure. This reduction in overall weight and vibration allows for a longer duration of work with less muscle fatigue. 

•Carbon fiber composite housing for 45% less weight
•Hammer style grip for comfort and ease of use
•Drop in bottom loading for easy reload
•Auto-lock, anti-jam pinch latch for ease of operation
•U.S. ergo certified for 25% less muscle exertion
•Fires 5/16 in., 3/8 in., and 1/2 in. heavy duty staples

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