Dirteeze Wipes

Wipes With A Difference. Dirteeze now available in the warehouse!

The Dirteeze Wipes are best in class! If you have tried their products it quickly becomes your go to wet wipe. Dirteeze, the originator of agitation technology built into a wet wipe and is now available in the warehouse! Dirteeze high quality and affordable cost is the perfect solution for household jobs, automotive, and construction. 

Dirteeze Industrial Trade Wipes are made from spunlace, a more biodegradable and absorbent alternative to more common products found in the market made from polypropylene. Spunlace wipes offer significant advantages on wiping performance in terms of absorbency, strength, and cleaning power. Dirteeze wipes leave your surfaces feeling clean and your hands cleansed and moisturized.

Dirteeze also offers a fantastic range of non-woven Industrial wipes that feature a unique traffic light system to help aid product selection. The non-woven range offers super strong absorbent wiping materials and solutions for rag replacement, low-lint wipes and working with solvents. Our LAX60 product is lint free, extra strong, can be wrung out and loves solvents.

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