Keep your drains flowing while Sheltering at Home

"Sheltering at home” is the new norm, which means more flushes of the toilet, more showers, and certainly more dishes in the sink. Your chances of clogging a drain are increasing dramatically. Inviting a plumber into your home to resolve the problem seems contrary to the “stay home” mandates. Use what works with fast-acting Flow-Easy. Its proprietary virgin sulfuric acid formula dissolves grease and other organic material in 15 minutes! The environmentally and consumer-friendly FLOWEASY® is the fast-acting, professional-strength drain opener that plumbers reach for first. But, it’s still safe enough for DIYer's home use in all types of drains and toilets, even with septic systems. Plus, it can be poured into standing water, eliminating the need to bail the sink before using.

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 > 20 Oz. FLOWEASY® One Shot

 > Quart FLOWEASY® Drain Opener

 > 1/2 Gallon FLOWEASY® Drain Opener

Gallon FLOWEASY® Drain Opener