Fluidmaster Toilet Kit

Maintain a Normal Running Toilet

We'd like to introduce the new Fluidmaster PerforMAX toilet repair kits we've added to our offering. These new kits that take care of the common issues on the new high efficiency toilets that are in the market today.

103285 400CARP5 - Overhaul your toilet - without removing the tank! Fixes most common toilet problems without removing the tank. This kit works with all 2" toilets including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and more. Best for 1.28 and 1.6 GPF toilets. Adjustable flapper for maximum performance and water savings.

103281 400CAR3P5 - Powerful & durable combination to fix & upgrade toilets with 3" flush valves. Kit works with any 3" flush valve toilet. Ideal for the customer that needs a complete solution.

103282 400CARSP5 - Take the guess work out of fixing toilets with specialty flush valves. Not sure which specialty valve is in your toilet? The PerforMAX Fill Valve and Specialty Seal Kit takes the guess work out of repairing toilets with specialty flush valves. This product fixes problems such as: Noisy toilet, toilet turns on by itself, constant running toilet or leaky toilet, slow filling toilet, toilet makes high pitch sound after flushing and not enough water in toilet bowl.

103284 400ARHRFCS - Replace the parts that are likely to wear out or leak most often: the fill valve, adjustable flapper, 12" universal Click Seal toilet connector and 7/8" Ballcock x 1/2". Perfect for the consumer who doesn't know the size of their valve.

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 Fluidmaster Toilet Kit