Meadow Ridge Farms Wild Bird Mix is a great economical way to feed a wide variety of birds. It offers a great opening price, and a friendly price for beginning bird enthusiasts. This mix has a high percentage of millet, which often encourages people to return for more complex seed mixes, such as the Premium Wild Bird or Deluxe Cardinal mixes.

  •  Ingredients:
    Millet, Cracked Corn, Black Sunflower, Oats, Wheat, Safflower

  • Attracts:
    Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, Junco, Mourning Doves, and many more

  • Feeders to use:
    Open port tube feeder, Tray or Platform feeder, Large Covered fly through feeder

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8lb Premium Wild Bird Mix
17lb Premium Wild Bird Mix Bird Food

40lb Premium Wild Bird Mix Bird Food