MacLean's Wood Chips

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Liquor Flavored Smoke 
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MacLean's Outdoor LIQUOR FLAVORED smoking chips are currently available in four distinctive varieties, BOURBON, RUM , COGNAC and SCOTCH. 
BOURBON barrels from the one and only Kentucky, our aged RUM barrels come direct from the Caribbean, COGNAC barrels are imported from France, and SCOTCH comes from where else but Scotland. 
Add their great taste and aroma to your food for great meals. Just choose your booze and experience the difference with Maclean's Liquor flavored chips - simply soak, smoke and enjoy. 

Blended Flavored Smoke 
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MacLean's range of blended woods now provide an even greater variety of flavors to your barbecue. 
MAPLE/BOURBON, LIME/TEQUILA and APPLE/RUM each combine one of the favorite Liquor Barrel smoking woods in a 50/50 mix with the complementary flavor of wood chips sourced from natural North American hardwood. 
Experience the difference with Maclean's blended chips - just soak, smoke and enjoy.


 MacLean's Smoking Wood Chips