Nesco Turkey Roaster

Welcome to the exciting world of convenient, oil-free vertical roasting. The NESCO® Upright Turkey Roaster is the ideal appliance for saving time in the kitchen and offers the user a ‘second’ oven allowing for additional cooking options. This upright roaster is perfect to have around during the holidays or any time of year as it can cook more than just a turkey.

The innovative Roast-Ryte™ Technology uses vertical heating elements to cook a turkey inside and out, maintaining the moisture on the inside while searing the skin on the outside. The outer heating elements rotate heat around the turkey, while the center heating element cooks from the inside out. These special features provides perfect, even cooking throughout while enabling the poultry to be cooked faster than in a conventional oven.

With enough space for your cooking demands, this oil-free, easy to use vertical roaster can cook up to an 18-lb. bird in two hours. The easy-to-read control panel has an adjustable digital timer as well as a built in 120-minute auto turkey program. The pre-set high/low heat selection function takes the guesswork out of finding the optimal cooking temperature. Illuminated lights indicate when the heating elements are on and cycling.

Removable and dish washer safe, the cooking stand drip tray collects all unwanted turkey drippings and the interior surface is nonstick making clean-up quick and minimal. This upright roaster is lightweight, includes side handles for safe handling and has a glass cover for convenient viewing during use. The color and stainless steel finish is a classic combination which will accent any kitchen counter perfectly and the compact design offers the room needed to prepare delicious meals.
With just a touch of a button, the NESCO® Upright Turkey Roaster provides the most convenient and mess-free way to cook poultry and meat, allowing you to cook comfortably and enjoy more time with your family outside of the kitchen.

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