Safer Than Salt Ice Melt

Safer Than Salt Works Fast and Is Effective Down To -25 Degrees
Safer than Salt® Premium Performance Ice Melter is a proprietary formulation of powerful ice melting ingredients. Tests have proventhat Safer than Salt® Premium will melt more than twice as much snow and ice as most other products in the marketplace. It works faster and at temperatures at which other products have stopped working.

Safer than Salt® Premium Performance Ice Melter is formulated to be seen when used. Most "white" ice melt products disappear into snow and ice. Users tend to over-apply, or worse, under-apply product because they can't see where it lands. Additionally, in today's itigation-driven society, Safer than Salt® Premium Performance Ice Melter affords users positive proof that an ice melter is in use. 

Because Safer than Salt® Premium Performance Ice Melter melts more effectively than other products, a smaller quantity is needed to remove snow and ice, minimizing the environmental impact on grounds and vegetation.


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 Safer Than Salt Ice Melt