Woods Wion Smart Home

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The Woods WiOn Smart Home Accessories are a series of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi enabled outlets that allow wireless control of electrical devices from anywhere with a mobile internet connection. 

Indoor specific applications include the ability to automate lamps, fans, radios or holiday lights to give your home that lived in look. The space saving outlet allows furniture and appliances to go flush against the wall. A programmable timer can be set for weekdays, weekends or each day different.

Outdoor specific applications let you control outdoor electrical devices from anywhere - anytime. Turn on and off lights using your smartphone or tablet.

Expand your WiOn system by simply adding up to 12 smart switches. It's affordable home automation because it works with your existing Wi-Fi router and free WiOn app. Programming options include: multiple on/off settings, countdown, random vacation and sunrise/sunset schedules.

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 Indoor WiFi Outlet

 Indoor WiFi Wall Tap

 WiFi Power Strip/Surge Protector

 Outdoor 2 Socket WiFi Outlet

 InOutdoor 3 Socket WiFi Yard Stake