• Circulars:  Retailer's Choice & Power Events
  • Digital:  Social Media and Email
  • Radio:  Radio advertising to support print
  • Co-op Advertising:  Market Specific and Quickpay dollars to subsidize the cost of advertising
  • Active Promotions:  Access to reduced cost merchandise monthly
  • Ad Specialties and Apparel Items:  Everything from uniforms to customized merchandise

Loyalty Program

You spend a lot of time and effort to get customers to your door. So what happens after that first visit? It would be a shame to get just one small purchase, then rarely…if ever…see them again. You can’t assume that a good deal and a good experience are enough to get them to come back. You need a plan to make sure that customers are not just satisfied, but eager to do business with you again.

The key to long term profitability is to develop a list of loyal, repeating customers. United Hardware has contracted with Repeat Rewards® to give you a tool that will make it easy for you to do just that:

  • Keep in touch with customers to maintain top-of-mind awareness…
  • Place your current offers directly into the hands of happy past customers…
  • Sign your customer up and Loyalty Rewards does the rest…
  • Don’t just wait for repeat business, reward it!

For more information, check out Repeat Rewards online.  You may also contact Theresa Neal (p:  952.971.1111).

Power Programs

United Hardware's "Power Programs" are specialized turn-key programs designed to assist our dealers in capturing their market's sales potential in specific categories by attracting new customers, appealing to a current customer base or market segment, while maximizing a store's overall sales. 

  • Garden Market
  • Back Yard Chef
  • Pet Market
  • Wild Bird Market
  • Lawn & Garden Solutions Center
  • Gear Up


The Rental Tools & Equipment program has been developed to provide existing Hardware, Lumber, and Building Centers with a niche opportunity for adding rental as a viable department within their businesses.  This comprehensive program offers rental quality equipment, in-store training, industry marketing tools and backup support for retailers wanting to enter into the rental market. 

  • Start-up Assistance
  • Order Coordination
  • Training
  • Rental Decor
  • Management System
  • Advertising
  • Parts & Equipment Sources
  • On-going Education

Retail Accounting

  • C.P.A. Directed
  • Statements
  • Balance Sheet:  Statement of assets, liabilities and equity compared to last year
  • General Ledger:  Detailed summary of every item of income and expense
  • Sales Analysis
  • Cash Flow
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Sales Tax:  Monthly sales tax return preparation
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Income Taxes
  • Consultation

STARS Program

STARS (Steps to Achieving Retail Success) is the newest program at United Hardware.  Download the brochure to get an overview of the process and how it helps your store.  

For more information, contact Chad Ruth who oversees the program's implementation at retail.

Store Design

  • Store Layout Design
  • Store Setup Staff
  • Assortment Planning
  • Store Fixtures
  • Merchandising Accessories
  • Store Signs & Decor
  • Assortments

Store Purchase Assistance & Financing

It's a major undertaking to buy a business and enter into a new way of life.  We strive to make the transition from prospective buyer to owners of your own business as comfortable as possible.  United Hardware offers a comprehensive program to help you with the entire purchase process.  Toward that end we offer the following assistance to prospective new store owners:

  • Store Purchase Assistance
  • New Account Application
  • Transfer Inventory Assistance
  • Ongoing Support

Need additional information contact:

Rob Kupfer | Strategic Development Manager 

Phone: 701-741-3851

 Or, click here to see the stores for sale.

Store Technology

United Hardware Distributing Co. maintains strategic partnerships with Epicor, DBMS Inc., Total Register Systems, Pacsoft, and Paladin Data Corporation. United recommends that its dealers take advantage of POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems featuring the most current technology available. However, United Hardware does not mandate any POS system or vendor. United Hardware maintains data communications with numerous POS system products across several different retail sectors. United Hardware also offers and supports a Symbol/Motorola hand-held ordering unit featuring barcode scanning and numerous other time-saving features.